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Coats and Tails Grooming is a full-service salon for all breeds of dogs and cats. Dedicated to quality, we want our work to be the best you've ever seen and your dog or cat to be happy when you arrive to pick them up.

The real test of how well your pet is treated at a grooming shop is how excited they are to get into the shop on subsequent visits.  A happy dog or cat is the norm at Coats and Tails. We take the extra time to develop a loving, caring, respectful relationship with your pet, turning what can be a stressful experience into a fun time.

Coats and Tails is Located in Charleston, SC and has been open for over ten years. What makes us so different from other grooming shops? Not only is our salon well kept and immaculate, but the way we handle your pet goes above and beyond most groomers. We make sure they feel safe and loved.

Additionally, we use only the best products and equipment to ensure your pet's stay is a real joy.

All of the groomers at Coats and Tails have an "artists eye." We emphasize your dog or cat's good qualities while de-emphasizing any imperfections. You will notice how much better your pet looks after real professionals have worked their magic. Your dog or cat will have a new spring in their step that says "I look and feel GREAT!"

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